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2024 Skincare Trends: Hot Picks and Potential Pitfalls

Looking ahead to 2024, I believe people will start liking skincare products that are good for the environment and personalized for them. This means using eco-friendly packaging, getting advice from experts, using healthy ingredients, and considering the overall health and aging of the skin.

Let’s have a look at our skincare crystal ball: What’s hot, what’s not?

2024 Skincare Hot Picks:

  1. Sustainable Packaging Is Everything: I notice a major move toward sustainable packaging in the skincare industry. Consumers are becoming more aware and discerning when it comes to claims about eco-friendly packaging.
  2. Plump Skin Over Glossy Skin: I anticipate a transition from shiny to plump skin. Our customers appreciate the abundance of water-based ingredients in our skincare, indicating a preference for products that steer clear of heavy oils and balms.
  3. Focus On All-over Skin Health: We’re noticing a holistic approach to skin health, with treatments addressing concerns like eczema, body pigmentation, and body acne gaining prominence. Skincare routines now focus on the entire body, from hair and scalp treatments to all-over body care.
  4. Minimal Effort, Maximum Results: “Skinimalism” promotes minimal effort and maximum results in daily beauty routines. It advocates for a naturally beautiful look through simple, effective skincare practices and minimal or no makeup application. The aim is to simplify beauty routines.
  5. A Holistic Beauty Approach: Beauty extends beyond surface treatments. To achieve enduring results, it’s crucial to adopt a holistic approach that incorporates both ingestible supplements and topical applications. A growing number of brands are highlighting the importance of inner beauty.

2023 Skincare Potential Pitfalls:

  1. The Death of Over-exfoliation: I foresee a shift in the skincare industry away from the trend of excessive exfoliation, with a greater emphasis on nurturing and protective ingredients. Ingredients like ceramides, seaweed, algae, and retinol alternatives that are safe for the sun are gaining popularity.
  2. Overly Complicated Skincare Regimens: The decline of excessively complex, 12-step skincare routines is evident. There’s a shift towards simpler yet effective skincare methods. Simplification isn’t just about cutting steps; it’s about prioritizing genuinely beneficial practices for your skin.
  3. The Era Of Sheet Masks: Sheet masks, harmful to the environment and not entirely effective, are losing their appeal. There’s a decline in skincare recommendations from influencers, a change that we wholeheartedly welcome.
  4. Skin Cycling: The concept of letting your skin recover after using harsh treatments, enables your barrier to undergo self-repair. At NutriKrem, we advocate against using anything that harms your skin barrier function. Instead, we believe in nurturing and strengthening it.
  5. Informed Choices Beyond Social Media: Skincare advice trends away from celebrities endorsements to professionals, with micro-influencers like cosmetic chemists, estheticians, and dermatologists gaining more influence than traditional social media figures.
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